Welcome to The No South Mountain Freeway Blog

Welcome to the new No South Mountain Freeway Blog. It is our goal to provide better access to the “harder to find” facts pertaining to the proposed Freeway Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway. This blog is new and we will be adding more updates and information as time goes on. Please feel free to email us: nosouthmountainfreeway[at]gmail.com.


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One Response to Welcome to The No South Mountain Freeway Blog

  1. Shannon says:

    We need support, O”othams should and must take the lead, however there needs to be a unified support from all those that agree, “No South Mountain Freeway”. Information needs to be factual, environmental studies need to be posted. It must be stated clearly that there a just a hand full, literally a hand full, of ppl that live on GR who want a Freeway, the majority do not. The assumption is that there will be large payments or buyouts to landowners, unfortunately this is a standard practice by both parties on and off the reservation, Land is crucial to our people and must not be sold or leased out. GR has voted on the freeway three times before, turning it down, we must find out who is behind the push. Information on cultural significance, must be shared within the community. Presentations should be made to each district.. I’m leaving alot info out because of its sensitive nature, but it will be shared at the meetings.

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