Two metings this week/report-back on recent Loop 202 resistance:

We asking for anyone that is available to go to the these meetings this week. Tell ADOT “NO LOOP 202!”:

First on Tuesday the Citizens Transportation Oversight Committee Meeting will be meeting:
Citizens Transportation Oversight Committee
Arizona Department of Transportation Auditorium
Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 4:00 p.m.
206 South 17th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

And on Wednesday the MAG public transportation policy committee will be meeting.
Attend the meeting and speak at the public comment period
4pm MAG office 302 N. first ave
suite 200 saguaro room

Last month on Wednesday October 19, four loop 202 resistors attended the October Maricopa Association of Governors Transportation Policy Committee meeting. Prior to the meeting three of them held a banner reading “respect D6, no build, no loop 202”. Security came out and peered toward the resistors but no interactions were had.

Although not often taken advantage of one of the resistors used the open public comment period to speak against the freeway. They read a letter dating from 1986 from the then Gila River Indian council Governor.

From the minutes of the meeting:

Chair Truitt stated that an opportunity is provided to the public to address the Transportation Policy Committee on items that are not on the agenda that are within the jurisdiction of MAG, or non action agenda items that are on the agenda for discussion or information only. Citizens were requested not to exceed a three minute time period for their comments. An opportunity is provided to comment on agenda items posted for action at the time the item is heard.

Chair Truitt recognized public comment from Jezz Putnam, who read a letter of concern dated September 10, 1986, from then Governor Donald Antone of the Gila River Indian Community that said the Community would like the results of the environmental impact statement prior to moving forward with any construction. Mr. Putnam stated he understood that there was going to be a vote by the Gila River Indian Community, but the cultural and environmental impacts of a South Mountain freeway are not known yet. He stated that it is the position of the Gila River Indian Community that the environmental impact statement would be the first step in the process of route selection.

Mr. Putnam then spoke of a letter dated August 14, 1986, by Preston Gibson that there were no comments at that time. Mr. Putnam stated that the cultural and environmental impacts have not been disclosed at any time and he would like that to come forward.

Chair Truitt thanked Mr. Putnam for his comments. He said that based upon the regional plan developed by MAG, ADOT is working with the Federal Highway Administration and other federal and state agencies to conduct the engineering and environmental study of the proposed freeway. This Environmental Impact Statement is still being developed and is expected to be out for public review and include a public hearing early next year. Chair Truitt stated that people are encouraged to provide comments through the project hotline at 602-712-7006. He advised that input provided through the hotline will become part of the public record.

Here is part of one of the letters read:

Gila river will be voting on this in February of next year. Please Come out to either or both of these meetings and tell ADOT “NO LOOP 202!”

added security for the meting….


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