jan. 2012 loop 202 flier (PDF PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND DISTRIBUTE!)


Wednesday January 18, 2012 4pm
Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)
Public Transportation Policy Committee meeting
MAG office suite 200 saguaro room
302 N. first ave (dwn twn phx across from the rail station)

Please attend the meeting and speak at the public comment period if you can.

We are also calling for a rally to take place before the meting
3pm outside of the MAG building (1st Ave. and Van Buren)
We will be leaving in time to make it up to the 2nd floor to sign up for the public comment period. So if you arrive after 3pm and the rally has ended join us upstairs for the meeting.

And then…
Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 4pm
Citizens Transportation Oversight Committee
Arizona Department of Transportation Auditorium
206 South 17th Avenue
Leading up to these two events please see our blog for more updates. We plan to have a new zine coming out in the next couple weeks and other new media up as well!
For any questions or comments please e-mail:

As the year 2011 was coming to a close a few people took advantage of the public meetings regarding transportation and the proposed Loop 202. Below are two sections from the minutes of meetings that community members spoke out against the freeway at:

From the November 15, CTOC meeting, minutes:
Public Written Comment Forms submitted to CTOC:
The following citizen’s were not in attendance during the Call to the Public; therefore, written comments are included here:

Paloma Allen, citizen regarding the Gila River against Loop 202.
The Gila River Indian Community has two tribal resolutions stating our NO BUILD stance on the issue of the South Mountain extension to the Loop 202. We are stakeholders in the Loop 202 project as well as a sovereign nation, yet ADOT has not respected our NO BUILD wishes, and continues to advance this project against the wishes of our people. We oppose this Loop 202 extension on the grounds that South Mountain is the home of our deity, our Creator. We oppose to protect the air quality for our unborn children, to conserve the natural landscapes, plants and animal habitats that are all on South Mountain.
Citizen’s Transportation Oversight Committee Minutes – November 15, 2011
Alex Soto, citizen regarding the Gila River against Loop 202.
I demand the CTOC to stop the current South Mountain Loop 202 Freeway Extension “project”. This freeway will negatively effect my sister tribes, the Akimel O’odham who reside in the Gila River Indian Community. This freeway will add pollution that will affect the health of GRIC, encroach on GRIC, and desecrate South Mountain, which is a sacred site to all O’odham (Akimel Tohana O’odham).
Lori Riddle, citizen with Gila River Alliance for a Clean Environment.
I’d like to make a public comment on the Loop 202 South Mountain portion of this meeting (item 10). Thank you.

The following is from the October 19, 2011 MAG Transportation Policy Committee meeting. This is an audio clip of  Jezz Putnam reading a nearly 30- year-old letter the Gila River Indian Community sent to HDR Engineering from the 80’s You can listen below:

The below text is taken from the meeting minuets.
Chair Truitt recognized public comment from Jezz Putnam, who read a letter of concern dated September 10, 1986, from then Governor Donald Antone of the Gila River Indian Community that said the Community would like the results of the environmental impact statement prior to moving forward with any construction. Mr. Putnam stated he understood that there was going to be a vote by the Gila River Indian Community, but the cultural and environmental impacts of a South Mountain freeway are not known yet. He stated that it is the position of the Gila River Indian Community that the environmental impact statement would be the first step in the process of route selection.

Mr. Putnam then spoke of a letter dated August 14, 1986, by Preston Gibson that there were no comments at that time. Mr. Putnam stated that the cultural and environmental impacts have not been disclosed at any time and he would like that to come forward.

Chair Truitt thanked Mr. Putnam for his comments. He said that based upon the regional plan developed by MAG, ADOT is working with the Federal Highway Administration and other federal and state agencies to conduct the engineering and environmental study of the proposed freeway. This Environmental Impact Statement is still being developed and is expected to be out for public review and include a public hearing early next year. Chair Truitt stated that people are encouraged to provide comments through the project hotline at 602-712-7006. He advised that input provided through the hotline will become part of the public record.”

Once again we are asking that you please take the time to come and utilize the public comment period at these meetings. Let MAG and ADOT know we will not let them build this freeway. Support indigenous resistance, fight for healthy communities!  No loop 202!-




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