Gila River Voters Say No To Loop 202 Extension… Are other communities at a greater risk?

While the results are still unofficial the Gila River governor has stated that the vote has been officially in favor of the NO BUILD option. We will see what happens next. In light of the past resolutions it is had to say what this actually means.

That is why we will still be committed to building an even stronger base of resistance. ADOT has been told no in the past. Yet they have been incapable of truly respecting the opinion of communities. This has been a proposal for more than thirty years now. This may only mean that other communities are at a greater risk.

We will be having a more public meeting in the weeks to come. Until the Loop 202 expansion has been fully canceled we will continue to organize.
Please see this longer statement from earlier today:
Until it Matches the Need to End this Unneeded Expansion of ADOT’s.

Also please read this and the other past zines on resistance to the freeway: NO LOOP 202

Yes: 603 (in favor of on-reservation alignment)
No: 158 (in favor of off-reservation alignment)
NO BUILD: 720 (no freeway built at all)

District by district breakdown, as well as absentee ballots:
GRIC unofficial breakdown!!

D-1 Yes: 43
No: 18
No build: 71

D-2 Yes: 13
No: 4
No build: 47

D-3 Yes: 116
No: 25
No build: 119

D-4 Yes: 85
No: 31
No build: 141

D-5 Yes: 105
No: 25
No build: 119

D-6 Yes: 112
No: 36
No build: 155

D-7 Yes: 85
No: 10
No build: 22

Abs Yes: 44
No: 9
No build: 46

Totals Yes: 603
No: 158
No build: 702
Voted: 1481


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