The Price of “Progress”: The Cultural, Envir onmental, and Economic Effects of the Loop 202 Extension

Apologies for late update but if we will be at this event tomorrow Monday November 19. 2012 @ the Chandler Gilbert Community College Ironwood Hall 120 2-4 pm 

The Cultural, Environmental, and Economic effects of the loop 202 extension into GRIC lands. Addressing blatant implications of cultural imperialism in land management, and a legacy of constructing freeways through less privileged populations. As well as a discussion on the health and wellbeing of Arizona’s population, with a special emphasis on the importance of sustainable urban planning and a paradigm shift in public transportation and public policy.

Panel Members

Shannon Rivers: Shannon Rivers is employed with Mesa Community College, working in the American Indian Center with Recruitment/Liaison. He lectures on the Right of Indigenous Peoples, Colonialism, and the increase of policies that restrict the access to sacred sites. He will address the ramifications of the construction of the loop 202 on GRIC land and the historic cultural importance of South Mountain and the historic cultural paradigm of the immediate geographic area surrounding the proposed loop 202 extension.

Lori Riddle: Lori Riddle is an outspoken environmental activist and member of the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC). She will be visiting the CGCC Pecos campus for the second time in the past six months to discuss the environmental and public health consequences of the construction of the loop on GRIC land. She will also discuss the historical precedent of environmental and social injustices that have taken place on the GRIC.

Jezz Putnam: Jezz Putnam is the facilitator of the No South Mountain Freeway group, and will be discussing the demands of Non-indigenous freeway resistors and the importance of Indigenous solidarity in environmental activism. Jezz will also provide an insight into the mostly underrepresented viewpoints of GRIC land owners and residents.

Dr. Greg Swan: Dr. Swan is a Business and Sustainability professor at CGCC, and offers a thorough understanding of development practices and law in the state of Arizona. Dr. Swan Will be highlighting the economic and social ramifications from unsustainable growth and urban planning as well as facilitating the discussion to place the issue of the 202 extension into a broader subject of sustainable cities, and the imperative of urban planning for people instead of cars!


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