Awareness/Benefit Show NO LOOP 202!

There will be a benefit show this weekend to raise awareness about the expansion of the loop 202. 

December 1, 2012
District 4 Ball Park
Sesame rd. & Ho’I st. Santan, AZ
5:30 pm – 12:00 am
Cover: Suggested donation of $5 but no will be turned away!


This show is an effort to bring light on to the south mountain freeway issue. Most think that its over since the no build vote won but Pangea has turned in a petition to get a revote. So the fight is not over just yet. Hopefully this show will get more people to engage in their community, learn more about the current status of the freeway, and find where they can plug in to help.

The speakers that will be there will talk about the cultural and environmental part of the issue. This is a sacred site to the O’odham and if the freeway would be built it would destroy us as O’odham people. Also any freeway has a massive effect on the environment and would bring more respiratory problems.

Donation will fund thing like shirts, zines, flyers, and other events like this.

Requiem (Local Skacore)
Lo Cash Ninjas (NM Navajo Rez Ska)
Optimal (Salt River hip hop)
Liaison for shining soul (Phoenix/Tohono o’odham hip hop)
If you can’t make it out please help spread the word whether its telling your friends, passing out flyers, inviting, or sharing. ANYTHING HELPS!


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