Update on Resistance and Dates of Protests in January

Update on Resistance

The last two weeks have been truly amazing in terms of resistance to the freeway. In response to Pangea LLC pushing to have yet another vote on the freeways expansion through Gila River, different O’odham communities have been bringing people together to unite against the freeway.

Awareness and Benefit Show in Santan

Last Saturday December 1, 2012, we had the chance of tabling at the awareness/benefit show in Santan. While it was warming to see numerous musical acts contributing their art to help the fight against the freeway, the overall feeling of the show was great. There was a request for the show to be an alcohol/drug free event. That alone helped add to a healthy environment. The show was opened with traditional songs and stories. Throughout the show we had the fortune to hear encouraging words from numerous people fighting the freeway.

Also in attendance were many elders, families and children. This helped add to a very balanced environment. We had many people take zines from the table. We were also able to help answer questions and provide some information regarding the freeway.

Sacrificing Against the Freeway
Run and March

This Weekend we joined other supporters out in Blackwater on Saturday December 8, for the Sacrificing Against the Freeway  event. Thanks very much to organizer for opening up this event to supporters!

The event started with camping Friday night but we joined up Saturday morning around the campfire. We ran through Sacaton on our way to Vahki for a big Lunch. It was then onto the base of the Estrella Mountains. After a day of running and helping support with rides we helped gather wood for the campsite before returning to the city.

We rejoined the event at lunch time on Sunday near the Santa Cruz Church where the Sunday March began. We went as a group to South Mountain from there. At the end of the March a group of runners carried the staffs to the base of the mountain.


It was a truly amazing weekend. Two days of great words of wisdom from elders and enchanting smiles from youth running around in circles even after jogging with the staffs. Very encouraging and hopeful to say the least. The past two weekends of resistance have been very beautiful!


In-between the two events on Friday December 7,  people took the fight to Ahwatukee challenging Pangea head-on. In a quote from Gila River Against Loop 202 Andrew Pedro shared his disgust for Pangea: “I am outraged to hear Pangea cite NAFTA and CANAMEX as their justification that the freeway is going to happen. I feel my future and children’s future is endangered by such plans, especially since our community is against the level of development the Loop 202 would bring,” said Andrew Pedro from Sacaton. “I encourage community members and tribal leaders to look into CANAMEX and NAFTA, so we can be informed of the ramifications these projects represent, so we can fight it”.
For more information about this protest see: Gila River Youth stand against Pangea and the Loop 202 in Ahwatukee.

Later in January of 2013 we will be encouraging Freeway resisters to take our message of supporting Gila River in this fight against the freeway to three different meetings. While many people will be affected if this road were to be built, it will never match the battle Gila River has had to fight or the centuries of cultural genocide the state has pushed on them and other indigenous communities. The No South Mountain blog was started to attempt to decolinze through action against the freeway and attempt to support those already fighting the freeway in Gila River.  We we are motivated to end the violence against the environment yet we recognize this is more than an environmental issue and we are much more than an environmental group.


Upcoming Events
This Saturday December 15, 2012 in the city there will be a benefit show Solidarity With the Environment. No Tar Sands! No 202! The event will be hosted at Lawn Gnome Publishing located at 905 N 5th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85004. There is a suggested $5 donation and it starts at 7pm. The event is being organized by the Phoenix Commune and Valley Anarchists. Thanks to everyone putting effort into this show.

Please join us and other as we organize against these next meetings in January:


Meeting Scheadule:
Citizens Transportation Oversight Committee

January 22, 2013, Tuesday, at ADOT

Meetings for CTOC will be held at the Arizona Department of Transportation, Auditorium, 206 South 17th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85007, at  4:00 p.m., unless otherwise stated.

Advance notice will be given if schedule changes occur. Other meeting locations to be announced at a later date.

January 2013 Calendar of Maricopa Association of Governments meetings

Transportation Policy Committee 1/23/2013 Meeting
Date: 1/23/2013 @ 12:00 PM
Location: Saguaro Room, 2nd Floor

Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee 1/24/2013 Meeting
Date: 1/24/2013 @ 1:30 PM
Location: Saguaro Room, 2nd Floor



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