Short Update From 3 days of Protest

We will be releasing a few broader updates later this week but we wanted to say thank you to everyone that supported our call-out last week to protest the expansion of the Loop 202. Especially those that traveled from Gila River. We have a few videos to share now. We will will have more media later this week. We would also like to thank Allison Hurtado of the Ahwatukee Foothills News for publishing yet another article detailing the resistance the Loop 202. Please take the the time to read her article:

Anti-freeway demonstrators speak out at 3 public meetings

Follow No South Mountain Freeway on facebook! This is a from our page from before the Wednesday Mag meeting:

Also the following is a statement which was read on January 22, 2013 at the Citizens Transportation Oversight Committee meeting:
“No Build supporters have previously voiced concerns over the clear bias of CTOC, in particular the qualification that committee members have expertise in transportation systems or issues, which effectively puts business and development first, and community and environmental concerns last. An evaluation of the board’s current members reads like a who’s who of valley business leaders; Chairman F. Rockne “Roc” Arnett also heads the East Valley Partnership, one of the most powerful and influential business groups in the valley; member at large Claude Mattox is a former Phoenix city councilman who ran a failed bid for Phoenix mayor in 2012, during his campaign he spoke in support of the Loop 202 freeway remarking that it should have been built by now; and three of the five Maricopa Country District representatives hold positions in their local chamber of commerce, and two others come from urban development and transportation backgrounds.”

“The screening qualifications for members coupled with the business credentials, which go hand in hand with transportation planning, mean that any citizen having any serious environmental background becoming a CTOC member is virtually impossible. This should be of great concern to the public as CTOC is tasked with the duty of receiving “complaints from the public concerning projects funded in the RTP* or concerning the responsibilities of MAG** and make recommendations accordingly to the State Transportation Board and MAG.” How can CTOC be counted on to accurately or reliably relay these concerns to the larger state and MAG transportation boards when it functions as a rubber stamp committee for development and transportation business interests?”


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