What Could Be Lost to the Loop 202? Mountain Park Community Church and Nearly 100 homes…

panorama church
Today the fight against the freeway found its way to Mountain Park Community Church in Ahwatukee. This church is located on 24th st and Pecos road. It is near approximately 100 homes that would also be demolished if the Loop 202 were to be expanded.

South Mountain Transportation Corridor Study Map 3 Pecos Road an

The above image is from the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway’s Library. If you look at the Map Key you can see that the area which is shaded in with white and outlined by yellow as ADOT’s “Right of Way”; what this means is basically “area to be demolished” if the freeway were to be expanded. And while Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School is not directly in the right of way, its young students would be subject to the increased pollution of the freeway which is visible from the church we visited today. One has to wonder if that would be true though after the smog that would flood the area if the loop were to be expanded in this area.

Front of Mountain Park Community Church. The following Photos are courtesy of Erika Machuca

Front of Mountain Park Community Church. Photo courtesy of Erika Machuca

Mountain Park Community Church and this area has been in the media a lot in the past. You can see some of the articles here:

Ahwatukee church in limbo over South Mountain freeway fight

Vote on Loop 202 Approaches

South Mountain Freeway debate continues in Ahwatukee

The No South Mountain Freeway blog and members have and will always be against any expansion of the Loop 202. We have always attempted to support Gila River Indian Community members in their fight against the Loop 202. As the conversation for the  freeway’s expansion possibly moves off of the reservation we start to look at what could be lost in Ahwatukee.

We do not support the framing of GRIC taking the freeway to prevent the lose of homes and this church. We believe their are many other ideas and ways to reduce congestion and traffic on the freeways. No one community should be forced to take the harmful blow of this freeway.

In the future we plan to expand our focus on uncovering what is within ADOT’s “Right of Way”. No Loop 202!

You can find our compiled list of Route maps in our PDF here.

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