Send a letter of Opposition! (New Page!)

We have a new page under to help freeway resistors send letters of opposition to the Arizona Department of Transportation. You can jump onto our “Letters of Opposition Page” which is under our Take Action page.

Take a few minuets to send out one of these letters or take even more time and send out a hand written one of your own using ours as a guide! The text from the page is as follows:
Voice your opposition to this freeway! Take action and write a letter to one of the companies or governmental organizations that supports the freeway. You can download one of our draft letters or get creative and use it as a guide to write your own.
This draft is addressed to the ADOT Communication and Community Partnerships:
ADOT Letter of opposition to loop 202
(Final)ADOT Letter of opposition to loop 202

We also have  a version of this letter with a blank addressee section which allows you to choose whom you wish to addressee it to. You can download that version here:
Blank Letter of opposition to loop 202

You can download and print out either letter with adobe acrobat or a compatible Portable document file program. We are working on an online version of this but for now you will have to use snail mail for the letters.


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