Report Back from Coronado Park!


Our event at Coronado Park was a lot of fun for everyone that attended! Nothing like enjoying one of the last magical spring days that Phoenix has to offer. We couldn’t have wished for better weather especially after the past two days of much needed rain and even hail across the valley.

A lot of people have been confused as to what goals or even purpose the No South Mountain Freeway group has in fighting the freeway since we are based in the city. Today was a glimpse into that for everyone that attended. We were able to spend time together as a group sharing what resistance to the Loop 202 has been for all of us as individuals in the numerous places we call home around the valley. We had a good group of people from Gila River, Mesa and Downtown Phoenix all together.


Big Mike singing a song to little Nabi!

Perhaps the more beautiful part of the day was sharing what our dreams for resistance to the road are and enacting plans to be sure that it all comes to fruition. One of these events will be next week in downtown Phoenix again to help let others know ways they can resist the freeway and hopefully announce our next actions and an Earth Day event at South Mountain.

We celebrated the recent victory in Gila River to Pangea LLC and members of the urban resistance shared plans to scope more of the freeway’s proposed extension through Ahwatukee and Laven. Most of No South Mountain Freeways events are held away from the route because that is where we are based out of. It is our goal to organize support and outreach to those along the route that are impacted the most by the states attempt to build more of the loop 202.

Even as we resist the road we are all impacted. Instead of living our lives in peace, many of us have pulled together to organize against the freeway. We all have our reasons. There are many. And as urban freeway resisters we know in our hearts that freeway proposal is too much harm to our communities to sit back simply because we live a little farther away from it.

Today as we all came together we shared that passion to challenge the freeway together. We hope to meet other Freeway resisters in the future at our upcoming events. We will be working on using our e-mail list more in the future in addition to more outreach in general. Until then don’t forget that you can write a letter of opposition to ADOT on your own time!

We hope to see you in a few weeks joining us in the fight against the Loop 202! We still recognize the majority of the battle against this road has been fought by the indigenous People of the area. As for the fights across Arizona and the world that is far too often who takes the blow of these colonial free trade projects which the Loop 202 is part of so we leave you with an anti-colonial quote regarding this:

Message from Mumia Abu-Jamal to National Day of Mourning ’98

 When one considers the historic holocaust waged against the original people of this continent, one wonders, not about a “Day of Mourning,” but about ‘500 years of Mourning; for it has been over 5 centuries since this continent was invaded by mercenaries seeking the land of ‘El Dorada’, the land of gold, riches, and natural abundance. For Native peoples, the holocaust continues, every day, as they remain a people largely colonized in the land of their ancestors.

That said, “Thanksgiving,” for the United American Indians of New England and millions of Native folks across the continent (as well as millions of friends and supporters of them) is hardly a day of celebration; for how do you celebrate a holocaust? If it were a real “Thanksgiving”, it would mark not white dominance of Indians, but Native Independence and true freedom in the land of their ancestors!

 On the Move!

 Mumia Abu-Jamal

No South Mountain Freeway Potluck



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