Comment period for ADOT’s five year plan open till May 17th

ADOT has come out with a 5 year transportation plan that only includes freeway expansion! Tell them what you think about that!

The public comment period is now underway. ADOT has provided the following options to submit your comments and feedback:

The State Transportation Board will consider all public comments received by May 17. Public hearings will be conducted on March 8 in Phoenix, April 12 in Tucson and May 10 in Flagstaff to allow for additional community input. The State Transportation Board is expected to adopt the 2014-2018 Five-Year Program at its June 14 meeting in Pinetop-Lakeside.
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Here is a copy of the letter Eleanor Rigby wrote, feel free to use this or write one of your own!


“I am quite disgusted that the 5 year transportation plan does not include ANY form of alternative transportation. This shows me quite clearly who it is ADOT and that State of Arizona are serving, and it is clearly not the people who live here.

As a life long resident of Arizona, I have literally watched with my own eyes as our skies have gone from clear, crisp blue, to a dirty, hazy brown more often then not. The fact that ADOT continues to push for more highways, shows their extreme lack of regard for the safety of our air and thus the safety of the people who live here.

Further, the Loop 202 SouthMountain Freeway Extension is just one example of the continued desire to push the transportation problems of Phoenix onto other communities, such as the Gila River Indian Community and those in Laveen and Awatukee. Phoenix traffic problems could be solved with new and improved bike lanes and with new and improved public transit. The fact that ADOT continues to push freeway expansion tells us that the people currently running ADOT have little to no imagination when it comes to city planning. A fact that shows they should probably all be fired.

I demand that this 5 year plan be repealed in it’s entirety and replaced with one that bans the proposed Loop 202 expansion and privileges bike baths and mass public transit. The people, all people, of Arizona deserve better.”


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