Photos from South Mountain Near Proposed Route

Today two of us had the chance to photograph a few of the many beautiful images of South Mountain. These photos were taken from near ADOT’s proposed off reservation alignment near 51st avenue and the boundary of the Gila River Indian Community. We were in the are to the north of it taking photos toward where the route where ADOT would like to pave through for their 8-lane freeway. Cuts the size of football fields in length would made to the mountain if the state has it’s way. As you can see in the area the Estrella mountain range is directly behind this area s well. Many freeway opponents have mentioned the crucial necessity to keep his area as natural and untouched as possible for it better serve as a wildlife corridor for all of the mountains animal inhabitants.

This mountainous region is also sacred to O’odham people. The following videos taken from protests of ADOT meetings explain that in further detail.

To get a rough idea of where the photos were taken you can view this map from ADOT.
South Mountain Transportation Corridor Study, Map 9 Main Ridge NAnd finally these are our photos of the area: All photos with * indicate photos courtesy of Erica Muchuca

approaching the mountain









now entering


e looking toward proposed route area










purple flower




































near proposed cuts to mountainwritting memories









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