Updates on Resistance to the Freeway

A lot has happened since we last posted to our blog. On September 26, 2014, the Final Environmental Impact Statement was released by the Arizona Department of Transportation. We are currently within the 60-day review period which ends November 25, 2014. The Final Environmental Impact Statement can be downloaded by chapter at ADOT’s FEIS page here.

According to ADOT’s Loop 202 Fact Sheet  ADOT has stated that they plan to have a final “Record of Decision” ready by 2015.

Comments received during the 60-day Final EIS review period will be considered in the “Record of Decision,” the final decision-making document prepared by the FHWA. The Record of Decision is expected to be available for public review in early 2015.”

So where do we go from here? First, it is important to mention some recent actions that have happened against ADOT’s proposed Loop 202 project.

-On August 27, 2014 individuals opposed to the freeway from the Akimel O’odham Youth Collective and Urban freeway resistors marched and rallied outside and inside the Maricopa Associations of Governments (MAG) Regional Council and ADOT Priority Planning Committee meetings. For a report back of the action please see the: Akimel O’odham Youth Collective blog  

-On October 8, an event  promoting the Arizona Department of Transportation’s expansion of the freeway. was crashed by Opponents of the freeway. Protestors  crashed the event and sent a clear message by announcing through megaphones in the middle of their lunch space that this freeway will not be built!

On October 14, an Anti-columbus day call-in to the organizer of the October 8, pro-freeway event. It was held to further solidify that we will not allow pro-freeway supporters to go smoothly down the road with the loop 202 project.
As we move closer to the November 25, date of the comment period closing we can all work to spread the word of where this project is at and help encourage others to join future events against the freeway. As individuals we can all take it a bit further and plan our own responses to this freeway.

This very existence of this proses to expand the Loop 202 is a threat our own existence. It is a clear example of present day colonization. Furthermore, it is an enormous attempt on the side of the state to commit large-scale ecocide to everything natural which still exists within Phoenix. All four O’odham tribes are under attack by this proposed freeway and need the support of others to help shut this project down!

We plan to announce future actions and events to attack this project and protect our future. We can not allow the state to destroy what is sacred for the sake of international trade and capitalism. This freeway is part of an international attempt to orchestrate the rise trade via-CANAMEX and NAFTA ( see our post onLoop 202 as a Corridor of the Future) style policies that destroy the lives of people across the globe. This is much bigger than just widening a freeway, so lets expand our resistance and plan to shut it down!

For other resources please see:
Akimel O’odham Youth Collective blog
South Phoenix Rise Up


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