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Press Release For Info Meetup 7/23/13

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 18TH July 2013 Email: nosouthmountainfreeway@gmail.com Phone: 520-271-1735 http://www.nosouthmountainfreeway.wordpress.com NO LOOP 202 MEET-UP TO REVIEW MAPS OF ROUTES, AREAS OF ACQUISITION, AND DISPLACED PERSON RIGHTS INFORMATION Phoenix, AZ – No South Mountain Freeway Group to host No Loop … Continue reading

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Phoenix: Thursday Action in Solidarity with the Struggle to Protect the San Francisco Peaks

A small group of six people barged into the lobby of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) in downtown Phoenix last Thursday.  The group; composed of O’odham, anarchist, and anti-authoritarian people; took the action as an act of solidarity … Continue reading

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